Jill Ogle | Coach

Self Development Highs and Lows

Have you ever been to a self-development seminar like Unleash The Power Within by @TonyRobbins and left feeling light and inspired and superhuman with the amount of motivation you have? Ready to change the MF world?

And then the feeling of invincibility subsides 5 weeks later?

Me too.

This is a photo of the hot coals I walked on at my first Tony Robbins event. I actually had tony himself guided me personally. It was such a rad experience! Not just walking on coals but the entire event. It was an event I think everyone should do once n their life.

I left the event, ready to change the world. I was pumped.

But life happened and a few weeks later, I was back at the same place I was before, or maybe worse. These events are such high energy and are great steps into the self-development world and do make small long-lasting changes, however, to maintain that kind of energy and to make huge transformation change that lasts, we need to completely undo what we have learned over a lifetime. We need to learn to think in a different way in order to learn a different way to be.

This might seem a massive feat and damn near impossible sometimes, but if you think you can, if you have some insight into the person you are capable of being, you are already halfway there.

For me the UPW (Unleash The Power Within) event was lifechanging. It was the thing I needed to give me a kick in the bum to make massive changes. And that’s where my journey into coaching began.

You don’t need to go to the extent of learning that I have to seriously uplevel your life. I’ve walked the path, I’ve got the shortcuts and I’m ready to shine my light on your path for you.

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