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Honoring the Space Between

Honoring the space between

Ever since I learned about setting goals and the law of attraction, I wanted to go full steam ahead into making things happen. I was pumped, excited about what my life could be. But really, I knew fuck all. About myself and how this shit worked. So for years, I would get on the bandwagon of creating and setting goals and writing affirmations but I would always fall off. I remember early on in my real estate career was introduced to Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracey, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, just some of the greats. I resonated with their message but I also didn’t get it. Not really. But I did the work anyway. I became a self-development junkie. I wrote my affirmations 5 million times a day and eagerly awaited the moment when all my dreams would come true.

They didn’t.

Then I discovered the secret and I realized that I was visualizing all my dreams, just writing about them. So I started doing that but soon lost interest. I kept studying the law but I was on this rollercoaster of feeling amazing and pumped for life to feel like nothing was working. I was miserable and then I was even more miserable knowing that I was attracting more and more misery.

I kept getting on the wagon and falling off. My results were mixed, to say the least.

I ended up having a successful real estate career, but I was miserable. I wanted to feel grateful for the awesomeness of my life, but I just didn’t. Knowing that gratitude is literally the door to everything I have ever wanted, I would beat myself up for not feeling grateful.

I didn’t ever just want a family and job I liked enough to get by, I wanted it all and I still do.

From where I was to where I wanted to be, there was a massive gap and focusing on what WAS instead of what was coming, was my biggest mistake. But I didn’t know better. I was still learning how the laws of the universe work. How the mind works, how the body stores information, how we become addicted to our emotional responses and keep attracting the same situations and people t replay what we are programmed for. I was still (and always will be) learning about myself.

You see, you can do all of the exercises on the planet but until you tap into what you have programmed subconsciously, you will continue to create more of the same. You might make some progress but it won’t be with the ease and grace that is most definitely possible.

You have to uncover the programs that run your life. You have to make the unconscious conscious, become self-aware and rewrite those programs from ones of lack, to those of success.

You have to learn to focus on where you are going, instead of where you are, to be kind to yourself, to understand and have faith that the universe is constantly redirecting you to your goals, your dream life and so long as you are focussed on the big picture, that everything leading up to that is a success and you MUST honour the space between.

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