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Luminary. Mystic. Magician. Alchemist. Lover.

Are you ready to do the deep transformational work, to uncover and integrate those parts of self that will set you free?
My mission is to take you, seeker, to whole new levels of consciousness.
To help you to bring the unseen into the seen, heal yourself and shift to a balanced life in a state of grace and wholeness.
Because from that space, the possibilities are endless.

Your transformation
begins now…

When you stop running from your darkness, you access exponential power to harness the light.

the magician is the archetype of transformation, transforming old realities into new ones.
the magician is capable of transforming reality by changing consciousness.


Jill offers 1:1 highly transformational sessions via zoom in 3 + 6 month packages for anyone ready to live the life they envision. Dedicated and personalised support to help you shed years of conditioning, aligning once again with your Soul and most Authentic Self.

Together we will regain your disowned parts, reigniting your love for self and life. This sacred container is a place where anything can be shared without judgement, only when we feel safe to be vulnerable are we able to transform.

Jill will not only help you access these deeply hidden parts of self, but give you the tools for your own self discovery, moving forward.

Are you ready to transmute everything into love? Begin below.

3 month package includes 12 sessions
6 month package includes 26 sessions

ALCHEMY: Awaken your Infinite Potential

Join Jill for her 8 week mentorship program. This program delivers weekly lessons on the key teachings required to become a modern day Alchemist and transform your life into something magical. A culmination of all of Jill’s learning  over the last 20 years in one place. 

Launching 29th August 2024

Do you keep attracting the same people and situations over and over, no matter who you remove from your life?

I have experienced a lot in my first 40 years of life. The so called good, the bad and the ugly. From experiencing molestation as a child, to attempting suicide as a teen, bullying in high school, marriage, divorce, abortion, chronic illness for 30 years, narcissistic, abusive and alcoholic boyfriends, the death of my father and best friend, a toxic hate filled relationship with my mother and then the moment my brother shot his girlfriend and then killed himself.

Now, sprinkle through that the so called amazing things that happened. Great friends, amazing jobs, creating wealth and purchasing several investment properties, loads of travel, meeting some of the greatest thought leaders of our time Jay Shetty, Nick Vujicic, John Demartini and being asked to join Dr Joe Dispenza as a member of his highly coveted leadership team helping him to facilitate retreats.

My life was turbulent highs and lows. Wins and losses and how I kept functioning through all of that was a miracle.

And then in April 2020, I couldn’t any longer. I became severely unwell, more unwell than the chronic conditions I had experienced since childhood. I thought I had dementia. I couldn’t remember friends names, what I was saying during a conversation, I would pick up my phone to write a note to remember something and I couldn’t remember why I had my phone. I was riddled with parasites and the hippocampus area of my brain was malfunctioning.

I had to dive even deeper into the work and heal those parts of me that I didn’t even know were hurting if I was ever to come back from this. Radical accountability. I moved out of victimhood and became a powerful creator.

Over the years, tried all of the things, NLP, hypnotherapy, breathwork, meditation, I was vegan, vegetarian, I had reiki healings, I carried crystals, I took natural serotonin boosters, energy healings, EFT, I read book after book, I tried subliminal recordings, I attended lecture after lecture, I bashed my bed with a baseball bat, I had psychic readings, tarot readings, astrology readings, enrolled in course after course, I wrote affirmations a hundred times a day, I read them constantly, I spent time in ashrams studying Yogic traditions, I swam in the ganges, I meditated in the cave where Jesus stayed, I took magic mushrooms, ayahuasca and LSD, I had kinesiology, past life regressions and more! The fact is, all of the things helped….to a degree. Some more than others. But it wasn’t until I dove deep into shadow work that I saw my life change in leaps and bounds. None of the external things were the issue. They were simply messengers, mirrors reflecting back to me what was ready to heal. The events were neither good nor bad, they simply were. Instead of fighting myself and others all of the time, I surrendered. Instead of blaming others and being a victim, I became completely accountable and got to work. It was hard at times, it hurt and felt uncomfortable, but it worked.

what i discovered....