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Jill is a devoted student and teacher of self development, human behaviour and expanding states of consciousness. A modern day alchemist, Jill has used her learnings in her previous career to become a successful Real Estate Agent. Then, after a series of life changing events, she awakened to her life purpose as a transformationalist and mystic.

She has completed extensive training as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner & Trainer, Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Yoga and Breathwork (Pranyama) Teacher, Demartini Method Facilitator, Hypnotherapist and New Thought Teacher. She is currently completing a doctorate in Transpersonal Counselling at the University of Sedona.

Jill has studied with some of the greatest teachers in the world from India and Western cultures, including securing the coveted position of Team Leader on Dr Joe Dispenza’s Leadership team, travelling the world and co-facilitating retreats. She has the innate ability to help you to understand your mind, your triggers and patterns. This will enable you to uncover core issues and blocks that may be holding you back and to help you move beyond them into a realm of infinite possibilities.

Jill’s approach to coaching and facilitating is unique as has the ability to hold you firmly and lovingly while keeping you accountable to your bullshit at the same time. With her extensive skillset which is derived from concepts spanning thousands of years old to the latest scientific backed methods and effectively bridging the perceived gap between spirituality and science, paired with her sense of humour, she will guide you from where you are to where you want to be.

She spends her time teaching, travelling, reading, researching, practicing yoga and playing with her puppy, Olly.

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The unalome has been a symbol used in Buddhist and Hindu traditions for thousands of years.

The Base of the Unalome
The bottom of the Unalome symbolizes the starting point in your life. It represents the day you were born. Another interpretation sees the base of the Unalome as the beginning of your spiritual awakening in which you have the first stirrings of conscious awareness.

The Lines of the Unalome
The lines that make up the majority of the image indicate the path that your life takes as you reach Enlightenment. Life is never a straight line. It is full of twists and turns, lessons that we have to learn and the struggles that we face. Sometimes our life goes back upon itself because we have to retrace our steps so that we can become wiser.

As we gain greater awareness, our consciousness expands, and the loops that make up the Unalome lines become tighter toward the top of the image. This tightness in the loops is a symbol of one becoming more centered and aligned with the divine and one’s journey towards enlightenment.

From a less spiritual point of view, the closing in of the lines indicates that one is becoming more mature, moving from the stage of an infant to adult. It symbolizes progress through the twists and turns of life and how we learn to grow and react appropriately.

The Dots of the Unalome
When you look at an image of the Unalome, you will see dots at the top of the design. These symbolize enlightenment. The line just below the dots becomes straight, which indicates one reaching enlightenment and your end goal.