Jill Ogle | Coach

A Tale of Two Trees

If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, i.e. Quantum Physics, Manifesting, you will know, that what you give your energy to expands.

If you focus on debt, you will have bills up the whazoo.
If you focus on wealth, you will have money flowing to you from everywhere
If you focus on the negative, the problems, then shit will find you.
If you focus on joy, you will be blessed with beautiful moments, shared with beautiful people.

I was in a silent retreat in India, 2016, when Trump go elected. We got the news when we had visit from a coupe of Monks form the outside world one day. We had no technology or anything so had no clue into the outside world. There were quite a few Americans there and the reception of the news wasn’t great.

My belief, is, that Trump got elected because everybody was giving him there damn attention. He was either loved or hated, that’s a whole lot of attention (the universal mind doesn’t process negatives so it only “sees” attention, it doesn’t care whether yo wanted him elected or didn’t)

He has most of the focus. Therefore, he got all the energy directed to him. It’s just that simple.

Which leads me to the Tale of Two Trees.

There are two trees out the front of my home here in Newcastle, Australia. One of them has huge potential to block the view up toward Nobby’s headland and the beach. The other, not so much.

People have complained to the building company. They have complained to council. They get together and talk about the issue of the tree. They complain. The complain. They constantly complain!

This tree gets all of the energy.

Guess which tree is the one that people have been banging on about?

Moral of the story? Be careful what you wish for. Put your energy to the WANTED thing, not the unwanted thing. Wherever your attention goes, energy flows. Had my neighbours spent their time admiring the beautiful view, the tree might be looking more like his buddy next to him 😉

Photo by: Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash