Jill Ogle | Coach


If you’ve been working on manifesting your ideal life but keep getting “stuck”, it may be your vibration that is holding you back. 

We need to match the vibration of the things we want. In other words, we need to feel good, believe that these things are coming. How do I do that, I hear you ask?

Here are 10 quick ways to boost your vibe!

1. Get out in nature. Go for a walk, look up, think of things to be grateful for. When you look up, you access the alpha state, so when you start thinking of things to be grateful for, they get into your subconscious mind even quicker!

2. Dance, baby! Even if you are not a “dancer” chuck on your favourite tunes and let loose. Do it in private if you like, just move! It helps to move stagnant energy around the body and releases endorphins.

3. Play with your pet (if you have one) or a neighbours pet, or a pet from a rescue shelter. This is probably only going to work if you like animals ????????

4. Meditate. Don’t know how? That’s cool. Meditation is a state of being, not something you do. You can meditate, simply washing dishes, mowing the lawn, watching the waves at the ocean or you can sit and simply focus on your breath. The key is to let thoughts come and go. Don’t hang onto to anything too long. A friend of mine said she thinks of the thoughts like traffic. Just watching the cars come and go. Like traffic.

5. Smile! Seriously. Deliberately smile for 1 whole minute (or more) it tells your brain that you’re happy and releases the feel good hormones! Just like that you vibe is heading up!

6. Compare yourself to someone else. Say what? Don’t you all bang on about NOT doing that? Yes. Yes we do. I bet there are PLENTY of people out there though, that don’t have it as good as you. 

7. Clean! I know, I know. What the hell kind of advice is this? Believe me, I hear you. I don’t like to clean……at all. BUT! How good is it when your workspace, bedroom, bathroom or whatever is clean and tidy? It feels awesome! 

8. Treat yo self! Happiness is an inside job but self care is also important. Take yourself out for coffee and read, buy flowers, see a movie. Whatever you’re feeling is right, do that!

9. Get it out! Depending on where you are on the emotional scale, will depend on what you need to do to feel better. If you are angry or frustrated, punch a pillow, get it OUT! Don’t store up those emotions. Let them out and then reach for thoughts that help you feel better.

10. Hire a coach. If you want to not only supercharge your results, but to speed them up, a coach that is properly trained with tools to rewire your thinking, will be able to do that with you.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash